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  • Lobster Specials
  • Maine Lobster Tail & Sushi Roll $24
  • Sushi for Two with Lobster $56

About Us

Takesushi has been around for almost 40 years serving the freshest seafood possible. The owner, Robin Kawada, makes multiple trips each week to the fish market to ensure that only the best is served to his customers.

Aside from the sushi that Takesushi is known for, we also serve traditional Japanese dishes such as Nabeyaki, Tempura to name a few.


The food is thoughtful, FRESH, and interesting. So much more than just a sushi joint. Try the broiled squid, black cod, and any special they offer. This is the epitome of a hidden gem. The quality of the fish here is absolutely fantastic.

Erin C. H.

New York, NY

Delicious! I've ordered the very reasonable Sushi dinner set for dinner as well as some noodle soup (on separate occasions), and I was extremely happy with the service, quality of food, and atmosphere. Draft beer being available was an added bonus. It doesn't get crazy busy like the Manhattan places where you feel rushed to get out, and it has more of a family friendly, neighborhood-y atmosphere. I will definitely keep going back!

Kitty T.

Sunnyside, NY




Simple rules of how to eat, handle and enjoy sushi from ChefTaro