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The first specialized sushi restaurant in New York City since 1974. Takesushi has been serving authentic Japanese cuisine for almost 50 years.

The restaurant opened in 1974 in its original midtown Manhattan location. Additional locations later included Woodmere, Great Neck, Toronto, and Washington D.C..

Now, Takesushi is serving it's home community of Sunnyside, Queens. Nearly each day, owner Robin Kawada visits the Fulton fish market in the Bronx and hand selects high quality fish based on seasonal variety and freshness, taking into consideration their regional waters, seasonal habits and other aspects. He also hand carries fish directly from Japan and brings it back by to serve for dinner.

Kawada-san is able to draw from his former experience running a seafood import and export company when selecting fish, and now prepares sushi himself at Sunnyside.


Went to say goodbye to Takesushi, as we frequented this restaurant over the years but they are closing. This time we ordered some of the more expensive items on the menu, and everything hit the spot. I noticed complaints of service from other recent reviews but I noticed that they have added some staff to handle the larger volumes! In fact, with the crowds the restaurant has a much livelier vibe, which I enjoyed a lot! Sadly, I will probably not get another chance to return but glad that they are going out strong.

Amazing amazing amazing! I have not been to this place in a while because honestly it has slipped my mind. I have known the owner through our children's Japanese school and he was always so supportive and giving to the school fundraisers. He is still very insistent on the freshest, best quality fish, at the best rate he can afford to give it to us customers. Today did not disappoint! The place is a very traditional Japanese sushi place, clean and minimalist. Not fancy but a solid, legit sushi place with great fish quality and good service. He has had to pair down employees in preparation of closing in October, and the influx of new customers due to IG foodies has overwhelmed his restaurant. I see people leaving nasty comments and low ratings, but please undertake the situation the restaurant is in. The owner and staff are doing the best that they can with limited bandwidth to handle all these new customers! He is very appreciative of all the support, but pls be mindful of your ratings. I had reservations for today's lunch and was seated right away. The food was delicious and the owner came to say hello and thank us for our patronage. I plan on going back before it closes.



We are now located at 41-31 Queens Blvd (inside Bon Cafe et Restaurant)

  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Lunch 12:00 - 2:30 PM
  • Dinner 5:00 - 9:00 PM
  • We are closed on Wednesdays

    Simple rules of how to eat, handle and enjoy sushi from ChefTaro